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All reviews from September 2016

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Ichthus — Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Saviour
Sinclair B. Ferguson

Jesus Christ should surely be at the forefront of our thinking and at the centre of our life. This is why this book is a delight to read. Jesus Christ is its all-consuming interest. Its title, Ichthus, is modelled on the acronym…

Ann Judson – A Missionary Life for Burma
Sharon James

Adoniram and Ann Judson were certainly pioneer missionaries. They set sail for Asia in 1812, expecting never to see America again. Ann was one of the first female American missionaries. Their original plan was to serve in India, but various providences led…

Theodore Beza – The Man and the Myth
Shawn D. Wright

This title opens with, ‘Theodore Beza? Who’s he? Why should I care about him?’ The author (associate professor of church history at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) answers these questions with warmth and clarity. Three reasons are given for writing.…

Different – Living the Holy Life
Simon Ponsonby

Many books have been written on holy living. This is not surprising, as the Lord constantly calls his blood-bought people to walk in his ways of righteousness, justice and truth. Here we have another book on the same subject, but…

The Christian and Money
Hansruedi Graf

The subject of the Christian’s relationship with money is an important one. The way we use the money God gives us reveals much about the condition of our heart. On the one hand, ‘money answers everything’ (Ecclesiastes 10:19); on the…

The murderous history of Bible translations: power, conflict and quest for meaning
Harry Freedman

This books comprises 13 chapters, subdivided into three parts: ‘Before the violence’, ‘The violence begins’ and ‘Enlightenment’. The book is broadly chronological, beginning with ‘The legacy of Alexandria’ and ‘The legend of the Septuagint’, while concluding with thoughts on ‘The…

A great blessing to me — John Newton encounters George Whitefield
Grant Gordon

This is a delightful study of a fruitful friendship between two evangelical leaders of the eighteenth century. George Whitefield was probably England’s greatest preacher. John Newton was a pastor, spiritual counsellor and hymn writer. Both men deserve to be better…

For the Glory – The life of Eric Liddell from Olympic Champion to Modern Martyr
Duncan Hamilton

This is a biography of the celebrated Olympic champion and missionary to China, Eric H. Liddell (1902-1945). The publishers’ dust-jacket claim that it ‘tells for the first time the full story of the life of Eric Liddell in extraordinary, vivid…

A Survey of Church History (Part 6) DVD
W. Robert Godfrey

This is a series of twelve, approximately 25-minute lectures on DVD, surveying the history of the church in the twentieth century. The first lecture is a general introduction to the century which saw both the best and the worst things…

Pentecostal outpourings: revival and the Reformed tradition
Robert Davis Smart

There are Christians today who have little place for revival. Some focus on the most useful methods for reaching unbelievers with the gospel. Others concentrate on taking Christianity into the public square by promoting social justice or confronting aggressive secularisation.…

1966 and all that: an evangelical journey
Basil Howlett

1966 was a memorable year, not least for this reviewer who enjoyed the thrill of being at Wembley to see England lift the World Cup! However, of far greater significance for British evangelicalism was a meeting of the National Assembly…

War and Faith
Don Stephens

This is a sequel to Don Stephens’ highly successful book War and grace (EP); it is essentially more of the same. War and faith looks at the life story, conversion and subsequent Christian life of eight men and women whose…