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All reviews from September 2021

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Daily Readings for Troubled Minds
James Clark

The aim of this book is to comfort those that mourn, but one does not have to be in a sorrowing state to benefit spiritually from these readings. I will certainly be using the book and would be glad to…

Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind
Tom Holland

I bought Dominion following its mention in Evangelical Times (‘Atheists in praise of Christianity’, August 2020). Its objective is ambitious: ‘to explain how we in the West came to be what we are, and to think in the way that…

For the Mouth of the Lord has Spoken: The doctrine of Scripture
Guy Prentiss Waters

Each generation needs a fresh appraisal of current understandings of the doctrine of Scripture, with warnings of dangerous human speculations. The author, who is New Testament Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi, does this admirably, but at the same…

Coping with Criticism: Turning pain into blessing
Mostyn Roberts

Have you ever faced criticism and found it painful and difficult to cope with? In this short title, Mostyn Roberts addresses this common problem. The book began as a paper written for a ministers’ fraternal, and was later expanded into…

Evangelistic Living: Sharing the gospel day by day
Roger Carswell

I enjoyed this book immensely and appreciated the gentle and clear prod to live evangelistically. It is intended to give encouragement and ideas for church members in our joint duty to share the gospel. It is divided into five chapters…