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All reviews by Andy Banton

Andy works as the General Secretary in the OAM Office

So You Want to Be a Street Preacher
Jimmy Hamilton

This is a short book written by a man with a real heart for taking the gospel out to where the people are. He writes to those who might consider taking up the mantle of open air preaching. Having been…

How Shall They Hear: Why non-preachers need to know what preaching is
Ryan McGraw

There are so many books about preaching on the market and here is yet another one. However this one comes with a difference, as its focus is on the hearers of preaching rather than on those who preach. As the…

Why Is There Evil in the World (and So Much of It?) (The Big Ten)
Greg Welty

Anyone who regularly engages in outdoor evangelism will tell you that the question of this book’s title is the one most frequently raised by people on the street. It is good to know, therefore, the solid biblical answers with which…

Is hell for real?
Erik Raymond

This extremely helpful little book is part of a series called ‘Questions Christians ask’. The author is primarily writing for Christians, but is also mindful that an enquirer may be reading. He issues this powerful challenge on p.71: ‘Friend, our…

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Paul Washer

Following earlier publications by Washer on the gospel, this booklet is worth reading. Here he directs his focus to unbelievers. He thoroughly explains the gospel, starting with God and describing succinctly his character. He then deals with humanity and something…

Preaching – An Awesome Task
Eryl Davies

This book was mainly written with preachers in mind. It began as a series of messages at the Bala ministers conference, back in 1981. It was put into book form in 1984, but has now been republished with an extra…

Confident: why we can trust the bible
Michael Ovey

This short but readable book aims to do exactly what it says ‘on the can’: help believers to be confident in God’s Word, the Bible. A chief benefit of this, the two writers rightly say, will be to help us…

Go Stand Speak

GO STAND SPEAK The forgotten power of the public proclamation of the gospel The Apologetics Group & Go Stand Speak Ministries $14.99 from   This production is of a good quality, with interviews and footage that lasts over 2…

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