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All reviews by Andy Dalrymple

What Kind of God? Responses to 10 Popular Accusations
Michael Ots

How can God be good when he allows suffering, authorizes war, limits my sexuality, excludes people of other religions and even sends them to hell? Michael Ots responds with clarity and warmth to these and other moral objections to the…

Where Do We Go From Here?
John Blanchard

In this latest booklet, John Blanchard brings us face to face with the great taboo subject of modern times – death. Beginning with the arresting account of Joseph Stalin's end, the author highlights the inescapable reality that faces everyone, great…

How to Enjoy Your Bible: A simple, reliable, clear, substantial resource
John Blanchard

This little book comes from a well-known and trusted author. First published in 1978, this is a revised edition. The title states the book's purpose – to show readers 'how to enjoy the Bible'. For Blanchard, reading the Bible ought…

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