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All reviews by Arthur Jones

Who Am I? Human Identity and the Gospel in a Confusing World
Thomas Fretwell

In today’s secular society, religion is often regarded as without rational or scientific basis, and therefore irrelevant to life in the modern world and all areas of public engagement. If that is our social context, then it is no wonder…

The Misted World of Genesis One
Michael L. Drake

There have been so many books on the creation chapters of Genesis that there have to be compelling reasons to recommend another addition. When I started to read Michael Drake’s book, I must admit that, from my knowledge of the…

Atheism – what everyone needs to know
Michael Ruse

Michael Ruse is a well known philosopher, currently at Florida State University. He writes that his book is ‘one that tries to lay out dispassionately the issues surrounding atheism, the arguments against it and the arguments for it, its critics…

Does the Bible require a belief in ‘special creation’?
J. H. John Peet

Does the Bible require a belief in 'special creation'? J H John Peet Day One Publications 144, £6.00 ISBN: 978-1-84625-413-0 Star Rating: 4 The author himself asks the obvious question: ‘Why another book on this subject?’ (p.7). Dr Peet’s answer…

In six days God created – refuting the Framework and Figurative views of the days of creation
Paulin Bedard

In six days God created: refuting the Framework and Figurative views of the days of creationPaulin BédardXulon Press, 262 pages£13.50, Kindle version £5.84ISBN: 978-1-62509-299-1Star Rating : 4 Today there are three main interpretations of the days of Genesis 1: the…

Atheism’s New Clothes
David H. Glass

n recent years, the publication of best-selling books by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens has given rise to the New Atheism. For the New Atheists, belief in God is a delusion because it is based on…

The Dawkins Proof for the existence of God
Richard Barns

In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins sets out his case against God. There we have the considered arguments of the western world's best known proponent of atheism. It should be powerful. It should be compelling. The Dawkins Proof examines those…

Test of Faith
Ruth Bancewicz

Test of FAITH is an innovative new resource designed for use by small groups wishing to explore big issues raised by science for both faith and ethics. It introduces a wide range of hot topics including: Are science and Christianity…

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