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All reviews by Bill James

The board of London Seminary has appointed Bill James, pastor of Emmanuel Church in Leamington Spa, as the next
principal of the seminary. He will take up the post in January 2018.
He follows in the footsteps of principal Robert Strivens, who stood down from the post at the end of July 2017.
Mr James, who has been at Emmanuel since 1991, trained for the ministry at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and for many years
has been involved in training men for various ministries, both in the UK and overseas. Before entering the ministry,
he graduated from Cambridge University (in chemical engineering) and worked for five years for Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (now GSK).
Mr James has been involved with teaching pastoral theology at the Seminary, as well as serving on the trust board of the Fellowship of
Independent Evangelical Churches and organising the programme for the annual Carey Conference for church leaders.

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