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All reviews by Chris Hand

Chris Hand, the pastor, has been at Crich Baptist Church, since December 2000. Prior to that he had been the pastor
of a church in Lewisham, South London.

Church Reformed
Tim Bayly

I had not heard of Tim Bayly before, but judging from this book, I would like to meet him. He has a high view of the local church – as does God. And Bayly wants us all to be clear…

That Hideous Strength: How the West Was Lost
Melvin Tinker

A book offering to tell us ‘how the West was lost’ has set itself a very ambitious target. Perhaps it needs a few more pages to quite hit that target. But it succeeds admirably in drawing our attention to a…

The Pursuit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism
Mike Mellor

I needed to read this book. So might you, if you feel discouraged about your evangelistic efforts and need extra impetus to say those things you know to be important, yet never get round to saying. Mike Mellor is a…

BST The Message of Spiritual Warfare
Keith Ferdinando

The concept of ‘spiritual warfare’ sometimes gets a bad press. Lurid descriptions of demons battling for air supremacy over cities and towns were very much du jour in the 1980s, catapulted into prominence by the runaway success of Frank Peretti’s…

Jewels from John Newton
Miller Ferrie

I feel indebted to Miller Ferrie. You might do too by the end of this review. Why? Because she has carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully compiled a series of daily readings, drawn from the works of that trophy of grace, John…

Ichthus — Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Saviour
Sinclair B. Ferguson

Jesus Christ should surely be at the forefront of our thinking and at the centre of our life. This is why this book is a delight to read. Jesus Christ is its all-consuming interest. Its title, Ichthus, is modelled on the acronym…

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