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All reviews by David Magowan

David Magowan was born in Jamaica to missionary parents, but spent most of his childhood in Northern Ireland. After graduating from Cambridge University in 1984 he worked as an airport civil engineer for a consultancy firm in Basingstoke. Following theological study at Westminster Seminary California, David was called in 2001 as pastor of Whitby Evangelical Church, and moved from there to Carey in September 2009. David is married to Elinor and they have two daughters, Angharad and Dilys.

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Sex in a Broken World: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts
Paul David Tripp

The Bible tells us that we live in a deeply broken world and that there is brokenness within us. That brokenness is nowhere more evident these days than in the realm of human sexuality. In this book, Paul Tripp hammers…

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How can I remember and practice the Bible
Ryan McGraw

This booklet in the ‘Cultivating Biblical Godliness’ series is written by an associate professor of systematic theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the US. The stated purpose of the series is to inform the mind, warm the affections and…

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Heart Attitudes
Graham Benyon

Being a Christian is more than knowing truth and doing good – it involves having the right attitudes and desires within. The heart matters.  Graham Beynon’s purpose in this book is to allow the gospel to perform ‘open-heart surgery’ i.e.…

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The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion
Tim Challies

Acknowledging that technology is everywhere, an inescapable aspect of our lives, author and blogger Tim Challies provides guidance and direction for readers who struggle with the changes brought about by the digital revolution. He helps readers understand why digital technology…

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Hearing the Spirit – Knowing the Father through the Son
Christopher Ash

How does the Spirit relate to the Bible? This book is for those who are 'thirsty for a deeper experience of the Spirit of God'. There is much confusion about how Jesus relates to the Holy Spirit, how Jesus the…

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