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All reviews by David Shedden

Eighteenth Century Christian Leaders
J. C. Ryle

This book is a collection of biographical sketches of evangelical preachers. The first two chapters explain the social and religious setting in which they lived and worked. We then read about J. C. Ryle’s Church of England heroes in the…

A Journey Into Calvary
Timothy Cross

This book is best described as a simple survey of the death of Jesus. In 20 short chapters, Timothy Cross writes about aspects of the cross of Christ, in relation to the gospel and the Christian life. The writing is…

WCS – Psalms: from suffering to glory Vol2 73-150
Philip Eveson

There is something special about the Book of Psalms, and this also goes for good commentaries on it. Psalms contribute uniquely to Christian prayer, worship and praise. They also contribute uniquely to the New Testament’s explanation of the gospel of…

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