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All reviews by Digby James

Digby has been minister of Quinta church since 1990

History Revealed in Advance
Philip Parsons

This book is subtitled ‘Predictive prophecy in the Book of Daniel’. Daniel and Revelation are commonly misapplied by cults to justify their bizarre theories; such is not the case here. The author seeks to expound the prophetic passages of Daniel…

Why should I believe Christianity?
James N. Anderson

The author, a Scotsman, is a faculty member of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina. The book is part of an apologetics series called ‘The Big Ten: Critical Questions Answered’. Its purpose is clear from the title: to persuade unbelievers…

Memoir of Sukey Harley

This is a reprint of an account first published in 1881. Those who have read J. H. Alexander's More than notion will be familiar with the subject of this book and those associated with her. It is the testimony of…

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