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All reviews by Faith Cook

Faith Cook, daughter of Stanley and Norah Rowe, missionaries of the China Inland Mission (now OMF), was born in north-west China. After missionaries were evicted from the country in 1951, she returned to the UK and attended Clarendon School in North Wales before proceeding to teacher training college in Bromley, Kent. She married Paul Cook in 1961, and they served several evangelical churches in the Midlands and Yorkshire before his retirement. They have a daughter, four sons and ten grandchildren, and now live in Breaston, Derbyshire.

Faith has written of her childhood in China in Troubled Journey, and has authored several other books published by the Trust, including Sound of Trumpets, Singing in the Fire, and two major biographies – Selina, Countess of Huntingdon and William Grimshaw of Haworth.

Pressing On, Finishing Well: Learning from Seven Biblical Characters
Michael Black

Not often do we find some of the most stimulating and challenging words of a book in the introduction. But here Michael Black’s personal conviction on the brevity of life and the vital necessity of living each day in the…

The Fear of God
John Bunyan

In days when any true understanding of the fear of God is in short supply, this challenging book calls us to wonder again at the character and glory of God and rebukes our careless and sloppy attitudes to his holiness…

A Chance to Die – Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael
Elisabeth Elliot

A chance to die is Elisabeth Elliot’s title for her account of the life of Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur. If such a title suits anyone, it is surely Elisabeth Elliot herself, as she faced the fearful loss of her young…

Luther and his Katie
Dolina MacCuish

‘If this monk should marry, the whole world and even the devil would roar with laughter’, said Martin Luther’s enemies. But marry Catherine von Bora he did! She had escaped from a convent where she had been living as a…

The Unquenchable Flame
Michael Reeves

How easy it is to hear of certain great events in the story of the Christian church and yet be unsure of the exact place of that event in the grand drama of God’s unfolding purposes. This year sees the…

Unleash the Word
Karen Soole

The introduction alone to Unleash the Word is a good enough reason to buy this book! But there is more — much more — to this guide into how to lead a small-group Bible study. Here is a most helpful…

Survey of Church History (DVD)
W. Robert Godfrey

Have you ever felt that your grasp of church history is patchy at best? You read of great events in the past, but are uncertain where they fit into the whole canvas of God’s interventions and acts in previous days.…

Lady Jane Grey
Simonetta Carr

Although she ruled England for less than two weeks, Lady Jane Grey has been admired for generations for her courage and faithfulness to the gospel—even though she was executed for treason at the age of sixteen. In this addition to…

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