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All reviews by Geoff Cox

Geoff is a retired evangelist and an associate of the Open-Air Mission.

All you need to know about the Bible — book 6: enjoy your Bible!
Brian H. Edwards

This book is the last in a series aiming to instil confidence in the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God. This instalment addresses why we should read the Bible and how to read it profitably. It is divided…

Judah – From a sinful man to the saving Messiah
Paul E. Brown

This book is the second in a series dealing with different characters in the Bible. In the introduction, the author makes the point that, although there isn’t a great deal about Judah in the Bible, his name appears there frequently.…

Content yet contending
Daniel R. Hyde

This book stems from two series on Jude that the author preached in his home church. It seems aimed at ministers who might consider preaching through this book, although its appeal is wider than this. In the preface Hyde explains the…

The Forgotten Fear
Albert N. Martin

This is a much-needed book on a largely neglected subject. It is divided into seven chapters, with questions to ponder at the end of each. In the first chapter, the author shows that fear of God is not an outdated,…

Vanishing Grace
Philip Yancey

Years ago, I read the author’s What’s so amazing about grace? and noted his lack of theological precision and tendency to lump all professing Christians together, irrespective of their doctrinal beliefs. Sadly, this title is no different and flawed in…

The Blessed and Boundless God
George Swinnock

My interest in reviewing this book was enhanced by a comment from a reviewer on the back cover, who contrasted its brevity with Stephen Charnock’s tome The existence and attributes of God, through which I am slowly reading. I decided…

Wholeheartedness (Haggai)
Wholeheartedness (Haggai)
Jonathan Griffiths

Wholeheartedness: a message from Haggai for todayJonathan GriffithsDay One Publications, 96 pages, £6.00, ISBN: 978-1-84625-434-5Star Rating: 4   Don’t let the brevity of this commentary deceive you. It’s a good, brief journey through Haggai, which, I have to say, is…

Bitesize Biography – Joseph Addison Alexander
Allan Harman

Joseph Addison Alexander is not so well known as his contemporaries Charles Hodge and Robert L. Dabney, but this book provides a basic introduction to his life and ministry. The introductory chapters to this Bitesize Biography give useful background to…

Be my witnesses
Be my witnesses
Keiran Beville

Be my witnesses Kieran BevilleEP Books, 160 pages, £6.99ISBN: 978-0-85234-926-7Star Rating : 3   A book that encourages us all to engage in evangelism is always to be welcomed, especially as it focuses on what used to be called ‘personal…

The Faith Shaped Life
The Faith Shaped Life
Ian Hamilton

The Faith Shaped Life Ian Hamilton Banner of Truth Trust 160, £5.50 ISBN: 978-1-84871-249-2 Star Rating: 5  I found this a delight to read and very beneficial to me spiritually. The author attempts something which I felt was quite daunting —…

WCS Ruth – From Bitter to Sweet
John D. Currid

Ruth — from bitter to sweetJohn CurridEP Books144 pages, £8.99ISBN: 978-0-85234-788-1Star Rating : 3 This is a Welwyn Commentary on the Book of Ruth. It includes material for further thought and reflection at the end of each chapter. This extra…

What kind of hope?
Michael Ots

What kind of hope?   Michael Ots IVP, 152 pages  £7.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-604-0 Star Rating :  1   It seems to me that most Christians’ understanding of the after-life is focused on the intermediate state before the return of Christ,…

The death of the Saviour
Richard D. Phillips

At the heart of the Christian faith is the simple truth, yet profound mystery, that 'Christ died for our sins'. According to the Apostle Paul, Christ dying in our place is the truth of 'first importance' in the gospel, apart…

Unconverted Sons & Daughters
Carl Muller

While children are a gift from the Lord and enrich our lives inestimably, parenting is not for the fainthearted. The rigours of raising children often lead to "hands which hang down and...feeble knees”! This is particularly true when the children…

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