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All reviews by Graham Hilton

The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel: Faith and love in the writings of William Perkins
William Perkins

William Perkins is the most influential Puritan writer you’ve never heard of! This book serves as an introduction to his works by opening up his view of the doctrine of the gospel. Perkins does this by pointing to things to…

Counting the Cost
David & Shirley Donovan

For 15 years these British missionaries have been at the heart of New Foundations, an evangelical medical mission. They had been serving the Lord giving spiritual and medical help to local communities in the Niger Delta, one of the world’s…

The Long Night: A True Story
Ernst Israel Bornstein

This book is Bornstein’s account of his experience of the Holocaust. He was first incarcerated in September 1938 (aged 15) and was finally liberated by American soldiers in April 1945. It is a harrowing account of suffering, opening with a…

Fight the Good Fight
John Broom

John Broom was commissioned by the Bible Society to undertake research on the First World War and the importance of the Bible in war. He is currently researching for a PhD on ‘Connections between the Second World War and Christian…

Iain H. Murray

"Next to the Holy Scriptures, the greatest aid to the life of faith may be Christian biographies" -A.W. Tozer. Herein Iain Murray provides keen insight into several dear saints whom he has come to especially admire.

Hebrews (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Richard D. Phillips

This third 'Reformed Expository Commentary' has four aims common to the series, namely, to be biblical, doctrinal, redemptive-historical and practical. I hope that doesn't put you off, because this exposition of Hebrews is also highly readable! It consists, in fact,…

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