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All reviews by Jacqueline Pountney

Laughing at the Days to Come: Facing present trials and future uncertainties with gospel hope
Tessa Thompson

Reading this book in the middle of a global pandemic, the title alone intrigued me. Who wants to laugh at the days to come when life is not as we once knew it? Tessa Thompson has more experience than many…

God’s Word and Your Life
Laura Martin

This comes from Christian Focus’ CF4.K range. The small print on the back cover gives an age range of ‘Read to me: 6-8’ or ‘Read by myself: 8-12’. I would say it is ideal for those aged 11-plus. The principles…

Grace – The remarkable life of Grace Grattan Guinness
Michele Guinness

This book is based on letters, diaries, journals and notebooks written by the grandmother of the author’s husband. She has filled gaps in the journals and diaries using information from others in the family, and woven the historical information into…

Riches in Romania
Rebecca Parkinson

Riches in Romania Rebecca Parkinson Day One Publications 112 pages, £6.00 ISBN: 978-1-84625-360-7 Star Rating: 4 stars  This is a storybook in a Day One series called ‘Faith Finders’, which has an underlying gospel message. It seems to be aimed…

Joseph the Dream Interpreter
Helen Clark

Why read a book about Joseph? Everyone knows his stories—from his amazing multi-coloured coat to Pharaoh’s dreams of lean and fat cows. But the story of Joseph is not a fairy-tale. He was a real person, and the amazing ups…

Kept Safely In The Darkest Night 1940–1945: Stories for Youngsters About the Second World War
Marcus Banfield

This is a hard backed book of short stories written by different people, telling of families' personal experiences during the Second World War in Holland. It describes how God kept them in difficult times and situations. The book is aimed…

Caught in the Web: Life a a Christian in the days of Bloody Queen Mary
Faith Cook

This is another excellent book from Faith Cook. Revolving around the life and faith of the young Lady Jane Grey, it follows the story of a fictitious character called Hal living in this turbulent Tudor period of English history. Many…

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