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All reviews by John Brand

John was born to missionary parents in India, trained at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, and then, for 12 years, pastored two Independent Evangelical churches, one in the inner city of London and then one in Liverpool, during some of which time he also served on the UK Council of Africa Inland Mission International (AIM). In 1993 he took on the role of AIM’s Director for Scotland, becoming Director for UK and Europe in 1999. During his 8 years in this position he exercised a Bible teaching ministry throughout UK and Europe and made regular visits to many of AIM’s fields of service in Africa where he was involved in ministering to missionaries and nationals.

In 2007, John was appointed Vice-Principal of Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, becoming Principal in 2009, a position he held until 2012 when he left to spearhead the establishment of EBC.

Married to Caroline and with two grown up sons, John is Pastor of Grace Community Church, Broxburn, contributes book reviews and articles to Christian publications, and is author of three books – A Concise Chronology of the Bible, The Bible as it Happened and Mission Matters, which has also been published in Romanian. He is a member of the Council of Reference for Origin Scotland. In the spare time he has enjoys reading and genealogical research – but not sport!

Pray Big: Learn to Pray Like an Apostle
Alistair Begg

Of the making of books on prayer there seems to be no end. That fact probably reflects the need that almost of all of us feel for more help in this vitally important area of our Christian lives The problem,…

Learning to Love the Psalms
W. Robert Godfrey

Given the variety of good commentaries available on the Psalter, any new addition must surely justify its existence, to avoid ‘too much of a good thing’. That was my initial reaction on receiving this title, as I mentally surveyed my…

Communicating for a change — seven keys to irresistible communication
Lane Jones

This was a frustrating read. There is much that is good and helpful, but it is couched in a rather arrogant tone and fails to say anything helpful that hasn’t already been said by others. It is a book of…

Black Flags: the rise of ISIS
Joby Warrick

Names such as Abu-Musad al-Zarqawi, ISIS (or IS), al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and al-Nusra have become very familiar to anyone keeping abreast of world affairs. They are all players within the seemingly ever more turbulent and violent…

Are we together? A Protestant analyses Roman Catholicism
R. C. Sproul

‘Given the attraction that Roman Catholicism is exerting on some Protestants, it is essential that its errors be exposed’. So writes Sproul in the closing pages of this book, explaining his aim in writing this short volume. It is striking…

Pure Joy – Rediscover your conscience
Christopher Ash

Conscience is the Cinderella of the contemporary world. We hardly speak or think about our conscience. She is left behind while we get on with the party of life, untroubled by any serious self-examination. And yet conscience is a God-given…

His Life and Influence – Matthew Henry
Allan Harman

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is highly-valued by contemporary preachers and Bible users. Here we get a closer look at the life of Matthew Henry by an author who has had a life-long interest in Matthew Henry and his writings. Matthew Henry…

A week in the life of Corinth
Ben Witherington

Ben Witherington III attempts to reenchant our reading of Paul in this creative reconstruction of ancient Corinth. Following a fictitious Corinthian man named Nicanor through an eventful week of business dealings and conflict, you will encounter life at various levels…

Son of the Underground
Isaac Liu

In the months before Isaac's birth, his father was in prison once again. His mother was forced into having an abortion, though seven months pregnant, because she was carrying the child of an enemy of the state. After desperate prayer,…

Robert Chapman: apostle of love
Robert L. Peterson

Although he is not widely known today, Robert Chapman was one of the most respected Christians of his generation. His caring and humble attitude had a marked impact on the lives of such men as George Muller, J. Hudson Taylor,…

The gospel focus of Charles Spurgeon
Steve J. Lawson

The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon is a passionate call for all Christians to follow Spurgeon in maintaining the proper balance between divine sovereignty in salvation and fiery passion in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Holy, holy, holy – proclaiming the perfections of God
W. Robert Godfrey

Holy, Holy, Holy – Proclaiming the Perfections of God Thabiti Anyabwile, Alistair Begg, D. A. Carson, Sinclair B. Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven J. Lawson, R. C. Sproul, R. C. Sproul Jr., Derek W. H. Thomas Reformation Trust 149 Pages, £13.99…

The Message of the Word of God
Tim Meadowcroft

Any coherent comment on what the Bible says about the Bible, the Christian Scriptures,' says Tim Meadowcroft, 'must address the wider notion that God speaks.' Accordingly, his fresh, wide-ranging exposition of 'the message of the word of God' is structured…

Robert Chapman: Apostle of Love
Robert L. Peterson

Although he is not widely known today, Robert Chapman was one of the most respected Christians of his generation. His caring and humble attitude had a marked impact on the lives of such men as George Muller, J. Hudson Taylor,…

Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia
Mark A. Knoll

As Africa and Asia take their place as the new Christian heartlands, a new and robust company of saints is coming into view. In seventeen inspiring narratives Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom introduce pivotal Christian leaders in Africa and Asia…

With Calvin in the Theatre of God
John Piper

John Calvin saw this world as God’s theater where his glory is always on display. Just as “day and night pour forth speech,” the universe and history are not silent either; they tell the glory of God. Reflecting on over…

Mark Time – The Book (4 CD set)
Gerard Chrispin

Mark’s Gospel has always been a good starting point either for people who are searching for God, or for those who have become Christians and who want a good grounding in the gospel and teaching of Jesus. It is the…

Why God Won’t Go Away
Alister McGrath

The recent rise of the New Atheism has aroused great general interest, thrown up questions of fundamental importance, and started a fascinating conversation. Why God Won't Go Away invites us to join in. The volume opens with a survey of…

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox
Douglas Bond

John Knox, the great Reformer of Scotland, is often remembered as something akin to a biblical prophet born out of time - strong and brash, thundering in righteous might. In truth, he was 'low in stature, and of a weakly…

Why Johnny Can’t Preach
T. David Gordon

T. David Gordon has identified a problem, one that affects us all and needs fixing. Our preaching is just not communicating properly anymore. Fortunately, Gordon not only explains the causes of this failure but also shows us how to make…

The Shack
William P. Young

Mack's youngest daughter, Missy, was abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, still trapped in his great sadness, Mack…

Faith Comes By Hearing: A Response to Inclusivism
Robert A. Peterson

What about those who have never heard? The debate swirls and feelings run deep. What is the fate of the unevangelized? The traditional position-that apart from an explicit faith in Jesus no one is saved-seems to have fallen out of…

How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions
Mark Strauss

A book on Bible translation from a premier biblical scholar.

What God Starts God Completes
Michael A. Milton

There is no doubt that the life story of Mike Milton is a remarkable one. He is at pains to point out in this short autobiography that he is where he is and what he is today only by the…

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