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All reviews by John Harris

John Harris retired from the pastorate at Mirfield Evangelical Church in 2006.

The History and Theology of Calvinism
Curt Daniel

This must be the most comprehensive study of the subject available today. It is difficult to think of any aspect of Calvinism that is not covered. It is divided into two major sections. The first covers the history, and ranges…

Grace Defined and Defended: What a 400-Year-Old Confession Teaches Us about Sin, Salvation, and the Sovereignty of God
Kevin DeYoung

This year sees the anniversary of the Synod of Dort which concluded its deliberations in May 1619. Much has been written about this, mainly from a Reformed perspective which rightly views its findings as worthy of being set alongside other…

When Evangelicals Care
Brian H. Edwards

Social care for the elderly is a much discussed issue and this publication is timely. It is the account of how a group of young Christians, concerned for the suffering of aged believers, became the wide-ranging Pilgrims’ Friend Society. It…

C H Spurgeon’s Forgotten College Addresses

This book’s intriguing title conjures up images of a long forgotten manuscript recently discovered in a dusty attic. That’s not quite the case here, as all these addresses have seen the light of day in printed form in The Sword…

1966 and all that: an evangelical journey
Basil Howlett

1966 was a memorable year, not least for this reviewer who enjoyed the thrill of being at Wembley to see England lift the World Cup! However, of far greater significance for British evangelicalism was a meeting of the National Assembly…

The Letters of John Berridge of Everton
Nigel Pibworth

Among the many preachers used by God during the thrilling days of the eighteenth century revival in Great Britain, John Berridge has been somewhat overlooked. The compiler of these letters attributes it to Berridge’s devotion to itinerant preaching, which left…

Spurgeon’s sorrows
Zack Eswine

Here is a book that addresses a severe problem concerning which there seems to be greater awareness these days: that of depression, both spiritual and psychological. The author tackles the issue by way of illustrations from the life and ministry…

Songs of a Suffering King
Songs of a Suffering King
John V. Fesko

Songs of a Suffering King J V Fesko Reformation Heritage Books 126, £6.24 ISBN: 978-1-60178-310-3 Star Rating: 3 An associate professor of systematic theology, the author has produced a thought-provoking study of Psalms 1-8 in this little volume. He maintains…

Calvinism – A History
Calvinism – A History
Darryl Hart

Calvinism - A History D G Hart Yale University Press 342, £25.00 ISBN: 978-0-300-14879-4 Star Rating: 4   For all readers whose love of church history is combined with a commitment to the doctrines of grace, this book will come…

The Reformed Worldview
Herman Hanko

The Reformed Worldview D Engelsma & H Hanko British Reformed Fellowship 144 pages, £5.50 Star Rating: 1 stars   This book contains the six lectures given at the 2010 Conference of the British Reformed Fellowship held in Cardiff. The authors…

Life’s Big Questions
Vaughan Roberts

How can sixty-six books of the Bible have a single message for us today? What unites the vastly different accounts of God's work in the world? How do various genres of the Bible work together? Vaughan Roberts believes that the…

Concerning the True Care of Souls
Martin Bucer

First time ever available in English, this basically served as the 'reformation handbook of pastoral theology', for Calvin and others, setting out in a vivid and persuasive way, biblical principles for church life, ministry, and discipline.

The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales
William Morgan

This ground breaking two volumes highlights the lives of key leaders in the Calvinistic Methodist movement using original documents seldom found published elsewhere.

Prophecy Today: A Further Word from God?
Jim Thompson

What is the nature of prophecy? How can the true be distinguished from the false? What is the relation between the prophecy of the Old and New Testaments? And especially, should we expect that the prophetic gift that was given…

The Loveliness of Christ: Extracts from the Letters of Samuel Rutherford
Samuel Rutherford

This beautiful gift book is full of short extracts of some of Samuel Rutherford's most helpful thoughts. It truly makes Rutherford's words sparkle like diamonds on a dark cloth in a jeweller's shop. Readers will find help, comfort, wise counsel,…

Love Your Muslim Neighbour: Understanding Islam in today’s world
Edward Challen

Economic and political realities have brought a mission field to our doorstep in the UK. We have to live with the resulting security threat, but those who are confident of God's sovereignty can see the situation as a gospel opportunity.…

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