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All reviews by Jonathan Bayes

Pastor of Stanton Lees Chapel

Biblical Marriage: Two sinners and a gracious God

The author’s thoroughgoing commitment to the Word of God is transparent throughout this book. The starting point is the biblical truth about the creation of humanity as male and female, and God’s original design for marriage articulated in the opening…

Veiled in Flesh – The Incarnation: What It Means and Why It Matters
Melvin Tinker

Although this book deals with a profound mystery, it is written in an accessible style. It falls into two parts: an exposition of the Christological elements of the opening verses of Hebrews followed by an historical and systematic theological discussion…

Journal of the Seminary of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), Volume 4.

This edition of the Journal contains seven articles, six by contemporary Free Church (Continuing) ministers who have lectured at the seminary, and one by a nineteenth-century Free Church of Scotland theologian, George Smeaton. The work could have done with better…

Theology Made Practical: New Studies on John Calvin and His Legacy

This book is a series of essays written by three different men on various aspects of Calvin’s life and theology. Its aim is to demonstrate the practical relevance of his theology. Some of the essays were more successful than others…

Particular Redemption: The End and Design of the Death of Christ
John Hurrion

This is a reprint of an eighteenth-century work. John Hurrion, a Nonconformist pastor, was one of eight ministers who participated in a series of weekly lectures in London, from November 1730 until April 1731. This book contains the text of…

Cornerstones of Salvation
Lee Gatiss

The title of this book quotes a phrase used in the text just three pages from the end. In a chapter examining John Wesley’s campaigns against Calvinism, Dr Gatiss warns that adulation for Wesley, merely on the grounds God used…

1,2,3 John – Redemption’s Certainty
John D. Hannah

The apostle John’s writings, especially his letters, are known to be a challenge to understand. The author of this commentary faces up to this fact. He acknowledges the profundity of John’s thoughts and the difficulty of his grammar. However, the…

A Survey of Church History (Part 6) DVD
W. Robert Godfrey

This is a series of twelve, approximately 25-minute lectures on DVD, surveying the history of the church in the twentieth century. The first lecture is a general introduction to the century which saw both the best and the worst things…

The New Bible Hymn-Book
Henry Waters

This work is a labour of love, compiled by Dr Waters over many years. The underlying idea is brilliant. The book consists of a selection of hymns, each connected with a particular passage or verse of Scripture, arranged in biblical…

Whispers of Hope – finding perspective post adoption
Twila Miles

Six years ago, Jeff and Twila Miles adopted a 12-year-old boy from Ukraine, called Carl, and took him to America. Carl had lived for several years in an orphanage, having been abandoned by his birth parents, who were drug addicts.…

Fighting Satan
Joel Beeke

Some people perceive so much demon activity that personal responsibility is undermined. Others so totally ignore Satan that they effectively deny his reality. Joel Beeke avoids both extremes, and offers a balanced attitude. He points out that demon possession was…

God has spoken
Gerald Bray

Theology is important - and so is the story behind the specific doctrines that have been debated, defined and refined throughout church history. Gerald Bray introduces readers to the history of Christian theology. Unlike other volumes on the topic, Bray's…

Simply God
Simply God
Peter Sanlon

Simply God Peter Sanlon IVP 240, £11.99 ISBN: 978-1-78359-104-6 Star Rating: 3 Peter Sanlon wrote this book concerned that the contemporary church has lost touch with its theological roots that are manifested in the profound thinking of earlier generations of…

God in the Whirlwind
David F. Wells

God in the whirlwindDavid F. WellsIVP, 272 pages, £14.99ISBN: 978-1-78359-033-9Star rating: 5This book is highly recommended. It is a careful exposition of the basic gospel message, standing firmly in the Reformed tradition, but set against the challenging backdrop of contemporary…

The God who became human
The God who became human
Graham A. Cole

The God who became human Graham A Cole IVP 208, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-800-6 Star Rating: 3  This book is written specifically for scholars and students. It is part of an IVP series in biblical theology that aims to trace the development…

1689 Baptist Confession of Faith
Samuel E. Waldron

1689 Baptist Confession of Faith Samuel E Waldron EP Books 588, £14.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-917-5 Star Rating: 4 Evangelical Press has done well in republishing this book. It was originally published 24 years ago to mark the 300th anniversary of the 1689…

The message of women — creation, grace and gender
Dianne Tidball

The message of women — creation, grace and gender Derek and Dianne Tidball IVP 304 pages, £11.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-595-1 Star rating : 2 This book explores the teaching of the whole Bible regarding women. It falls into four parts. First…

A Passionate Faith
Richard Turnbull

"Evangelical" is a badge, a line in the sand, a term of abuse, a much-overworked word. What are the key markers of the evangelical faith? How did the movement come into being, and how is it changing? What is its…

Serving God’s Words
Paul A. Barker

The ministry of 'serving God's words' in the Christian church has numerous aspects, including exposition of the Bible, systematic and historical theology, church history, and the practice of pastoral ministry. This stimulating and helpful volume begins with perspectives on preaching…

A Sweet and Bitter Providence
John Piper

In 'A Sweet and Bitter Providence', John Piper teaches through the book of Ruth to reveal how God can use the most dangerous and tenuous circumstances to accomplish his purposes. Read the narrative of Ruth in a new way and…

Follow Me: Becoming A Liberated Disciple
John Valentine

Do you desire a closer walk with Jesus that impacts your life 24/7 rather than just on a Sunday Morning? Follow Me will help you find that authentic walk with Christ that impacts everything you do every day.

Probably the Best Idea in the World
Mark Greene

At the heart of everything there is one very good idea –– the true currency of our society, the key to all human flourishing and happiness. That idea is very simple. It is love, actually. Love God. Love one another.…

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