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All reviews by Joseph Hewitt

Joe Hewitt is a retired pastor, living in Holland-on-Sea.

Strength for the Weary
Derek Thomas

Are you weary, fellow pilgrims? Then let the ordained writer, Isaiah, speak to you in graphic terms through Dr Thomas, especially from chapters 40-46. Upon receipt of this book, I soon became engrossed. In keeping with its title, my own…

A Good Old Age
Derek Prime

As I am approaching my 90s, this excellent book came into my hands at an apposite time. I also live near seaside beach huts and, as these are pictured on the book cover, found that fond memories were stirred. I…

Thirty Thousand Days – the journey home to God
Catherine Morgan

As I began to read the preface of this book, I was reminded of A.W. Tozer’s The pursuit of God. At first I felt overwhelmed by the rapid pace of the writing. Gradually, I began to appreciate its thrust and,…

Wonderful! Blythswood People share stories of God’s faithfulness
E. Irene Howat

Here are 13 miracles of grace, which in time have led to so much good. It is a most apt title! This book commemorates 50 years of gospel and Christian witness, first started in Glasgow and then spreading to European,…

And so I began to read
Faith Cook

This latest of Faith Cook’s books is autobiographical and reveals difficult periods in her life. These include when she was a mother of five small children, as well as a four-year period during which her husband was unwell and unable…

Why read Church History?
J. Philip Arthur

This booklet is a masterly answer to this topical question. It is enhanced on its cover by four historical references — to Paul, Luther, George Whitefield and C. H. Spurgeon. Phil Arthur has an excellently trained mind and can write…

The courage to be Protestant
David F. Wells

I bought this some years ago and regret having never read it until now. What changed me? The fact that next year is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s historic nailing of 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church…

The book that made your world — how the Bible created the soul of western civilization
Vishal Mangalwadi

This learned Indian philosopher and Christian was unknown to me until recently. It was a surprise to discover this title with its glowing comments and reviews, so I ordered a copy. I was delighted to have read it and am…

‘For their rock is not as our rock’
Daniel Strange

This excellent book (published under the Apollos imprint) begins with an autographical chapter, ‘in the spirit and on the shoulders of J. H. Bavinck’. This is followed by a copy of a speech from Max Muller, delivered before the British…

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