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All reviews by Julia Milner

Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life
Harriet Connor

Taking a step back from the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of parenting, Harriet Connor explores the bigger picture of what the goal of raising our children is. This is not an instruction manual, but rather an exposition on the Bible’s theology…

Moving On – Beyond Forgive and Forget
Ruth Ann Batstone

Forgiveness is an issue that Christians will deal with until their dying day. It is not just ‘forgetting’: withholding full forgiveness comes at a cost, whether physical (lowered immunity), emotional (anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, anger, bitterness, etc.) or spiritual (putting…

Trail Blazers – Martin Luther – Reformation Fire
Catherine Mackenzie

Catherine Mackenzie’s biography ­­­of Martin Luther is aimed at readers aged nine and above. It makes historical and gospel truths accessible and Mackenzie captures the sense of danger surrounding Luther’s work. The reader is left with an appreciation of the…

In Defense of the Fatherless
Sara Brinton

The Bible speaks clearly of the Christian’s responsibility to care for widows and orphans. Many churches may already have a heart for reaching out to these vulnerable groups, but the subject covered in this book is one for every Christian…

With God all things are possible
Maureen Wise

Maureen Wise’s account of God’s work in present-day Romania and Moldavia concludes with these words: ‘In days of spiritual dearth in the UK, there is encouragement to be found in discovering something of His work in other lands’ (p.245). How…

Eric Liddell: Pure Gold
David McCasland

Through the inspiring film, Chariots of Fire, the world knows something of the athlete who ran for gold at the Paris Olympics in 1924. Pure Gold tells the larger story of Eric Liddell: his upbringing in China as the son…

Out of the Shadows
Faith Cook

A collection of nine short and very diverse inspiring biographies: Many of the names will be unfamiliar, but their stories are full of interest and inspiration, each in its own way bearing witness to the faithfulness and goodness of the…

Empty Arms: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief to Hope
Keren Baker

Losing a child is something no parent should have to experience, but sadly in this fallen world it happens. When God allows such a tragedy to strike a Christian family, it puts their faith on the front line. When Keren…

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