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All reviews by Malcolm Evans

Discovering God in Stories from the Bible
Philip Graham Ryken

Human beings from the beginning of time have tried to figure out what God is. They have worshiped nature and idols and everything in between because they haven't had a true answer to the vital question What is God? But…

The Gospel as Taught by Calvin
R. C. Reed

This book has been called 'a rare gem', written to help Christians come to a clearer understanding of and appreciation for 'the gospel of the grace of God' by a much loved pastor and professor.

Joseph: The Hidden Hand of God
Liam Goligher

Jesus taught us that the key to unlocking the whole Bible is to see it as a book about himself. Every story whispers his name.

People in the Passion of Jesus
Roger Ellsworth

This book is short, very readable, helpful and stimulating. It is written for both believers and unbelievers. The purpose for believers is to say, 'Look at this! Such a Saviour! Such a cost! Do you not want to do better…

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