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All reviews by Michael Bentley

Michael, aged 76, is a retired Baptist minister, chairman of the Bracknell Forest Society and author of 16 books.

Different – Living the Holy Life
Simon Ponsonby

Many books have been written on holy living. This is not surprising, as the Lord constantly calls his blood-bought people to walk in his ways of righteousness, justice and truth. Here we have another book on the same subject, but…

Revolutionary Sex
William Taylor

Subtitled ‘How the good news of Jesus changes everything’, this book is based on a series of talks given by the rector of St Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate, London. It is ‘revolutionary’ in that it counters the 1960s culture, that…

Postcards from the Edge
Ian Coffey

At face value, this book is just a collection of short biographies of Bible characters. However, it is much more than that: it is a book to give someone who thinks life is easy for Christians, because somehow God will…

The Song of Songs (Tyndale OT Comm)
Iain M. Duguid

This useful book is published in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries series. The contributors to this series maintain that, ‘The Old Testament remains the Word of God for us today’. The Bible is examined section by section and explained under…

In Christ: In Him together for the World
In Christ: In Him together for the World
Steve Timmis

In Christ: In Him together for the World S Timmis & C de la Hoyde Christian Focus Publications 96, £5.99 ISBN: 978-1-78191-429-8 Star Rating: 3   This tiny book is full of rich gospel truths, told in straightforward terms and with…

Titus for You
Titus for You
Tim Chester

Titus for you Tim ChesterGood Book Company, 128 pages, £6.79ISBN: 978-1-90991-960-0 This book shows us the meaning of Paul’s letter to Titus and applies its teaching to 21st century believers. The author shows his heart for the gospel and his…

What do you expect?
Melvin Tinker

What do you expect? Melvin Tinker EP Books 200, £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-78397-006-3 Star Rating: 4 Although I have been preaching for almost 60 years, I confess I have never preached a series on Ecclesiastes. Perhaps others have also neglected this…

Time travel to the Old Testament
Chris Sinkinson

Time travel to the Old Testament Chris SinkinsonIVP, 208 pages, £9.99, ISBN: 978-1-84474-904-1Star rating : 4 When my wife and I plan to travel to a country new to us, we consult a guidebook such as in the ‘Lonely Planet’…

BST – The Message of Daniel
BST – The Message of Daniel
Dale Ralph Davis

BST - The Message of Daniel Dale Ralph Davis IVP 176, £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-801-3 Star Rating: 5  I must confess that when I buy a Bible commentary I tend to skim over the introduction, but I did not do it…

Bitesize Biography – Charles Hodge
S. Donald Fortson III

Bitesize Biography — Charles Hodge S. Donald Fortson III EP Books, 128 pages, £5.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-927-4 Star Rating : 4 I knew the name ‘Charles Hodge’ from the three, green, cloth-covered volumes of his systematic theology that have been in…

Galatians for you
Timothy Keller

Galatians for youTimothy KellerGood Book Company208 pages, £8.49 ISBN: 978-1-90876-234-4Star rating : 5 Ever since I first heard Timothy Keller speak in the mid-1990s at a Baptist church in Guildford, I have been struck by his ability to explain and…

This Brief Journey
Rhett Dodson

This brief journey — loving and living the Psalms of Ascents (Psalms 120-127)Rhett Dodson Day One Publications, 128 pages, £6.00, ISBN: 978-1-84625-354-6   To be a pilgrim — further reflections on the Psalms of Ascents (Psalm 128-134)128 pages, £6.00, ISBN:…

Zeal for Godliness
Stephen J. Nichols

Zeal for godliness Carl Trueman at al EP Books 272 pages £14.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-758-4 Star rating : 4 This book is a delight, in its production and cover design, and especially in its contents. It consists of 253 readings from…

The explicit gospel
Matt Chandler

Too few people attending church today, even in evangelical churches, are exposed to the gospel explicitly. Sure, many will hear about Jesus, and about being good and not being bad, but the gospel message simply isn't there - at least…

Triple Jeopardy for the West
Michael Nazir-Ali

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali considers the impact that aggressive secularism, radical Islamism and multiculturalism are having on the Western world, and particularly Britain. He argues that, because of their rejection of the Judeo-Christian foundations which have shaped so much of the…

To be a Pilgrim
To be a Pilgrim
Rhett Dodson

To be a Pilgrim Rhett Dodson Day One Publications 128, £6.00 ISBN: 978-1-84625-355-3 Star Rating: 0 THIS BOOK HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN THE REVIEW ON This Berief Journey

Strong and Courageous – Joshua simply explained
John D. Currid

Clearly the central theme of the book of Joshua is the truth that God is a promise-keeper. Well over five hundred years before these recorded events God pledged to Abraham that ‘to your offspring I will give this land'. The…

Opening up 1 Chronicles and Opening up 2 Chronicles
Andrew Thomson

The book of 1 Chronicles is often neglected, yet it has so much to teach us—even the genealogies! Along with 2 Chronicles, 1 Chronicles surveys Bible history, charting the gracious purposes of a faithful God over the centuries, with the…

Opening up 2 Chronicles
Opening up 2 Chronicles
Andrew Thomson

Opening up 2 ChroniclesAndrew ThomsonDay One Publishers128, £5.00ISBN: 978-1-84625-290-7Star Rating: 0This in included in my review of 1 Chronicles also by Andrew Thompson available here.

I Wish Someone Would Explain HEBREWS to Me!
Stuart Olyott

Stuart Olyott explains Hebrews as clearly as the subject matter allows, keeping in mind the advice of Albert Einstein that 'things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler'. Throughout, the aim of the author is to focus our…

Snatched from the Fire
Keith Mitchell (Mitch)

Real gospel meets real life. As a firefighter, Keith Mitchell is trained to snatch people from flames. As a Christian, he sees sin as a fire to be fought in our lives. This results in real living, life with freedom…

A book that changed me: Spiritual Depression – its causes and cure
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When I interviewed Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on local television on 24 May 1973 I asked him which of his many books he considered to be the best. He felt that his series on Romans was his most important but said…

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