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All reviews by Noel Ramsey

Noel Ramsey was born in Belfast in 1960 and lived there for several years until his family moved to Newtownabbey. After school he worked for ten years as a Coachbuilder. After a football accident he was confined in bed for a month and it was during this time that he was challenged, through reading the Bible, to give up his job and go to Bible College. He completed a 3-year course, leaving in 1990. Noel and Sandra were married in 1985. They have three children, Jason, Sarah and Hannah. After Bible College training they spent one year working with the Mission to Mobile Homes in Lincolnshire. Their work was to tell mobile home dwellers about the Lord Jesus. They then spent over seven years in a church in Eston, Middlesbrough where Noel was the Minister. Noel became Minister of Scotton Evangelical Church, as Wensleydale Evangelical Church was then called, in March 1999.

Facing Snarls and Scowls: Preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity in church revitalization
Brian Croft

This book is all about preaching through hostility, apathy, and adversity while trying to help the church regain its vision and focus. It’s written with the North American church in mind, but it will be useful to every pastor who…

Gospel basics
Gospel basics
Andrew A. Bonar

If you do not know much about Dr Andrew Bonar, then this book's opening chapter by D. M. McIntyre gives a taste of the man as a preacher. It is clear that he was an understanding preacher of his day.…

Being a Christian: The Basics of Christian living
Stephen Kneale

Someone in your church has just become a Christian. Now, what do you do? If you are looking for a book to give to them, then I can recommend this one. In eight concise chapters which are written in a…

All you need to know about the Bible – Book 3
Brian H. Edwards

This is the third of six books under the title of ‘looking at the Bible’. I had not yet read any of this series, but would recommend reading them in order — I found it frustrating being unable to look…

1&2 Peter – Feed my Sheep (WCS)
William VanDoodewaard

Dr VanDoodewaard is a minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and serves as professor of church history at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. His book is a fine addition to the Welwyn Commentary Series. Written in a popular and readable…

I was sick and you visited me
Mike Mellor

This is a short, helpful and practical book on ministering to those in need. It is full of wise advice, and thoroughly biblical in its approach. It addresses many practical questions, such as who should visit the sick and why…

You can pray
Tim Chester

Do you struggle to pray? Does your mind go blank as soon as you begin to pray? Often our personal experiences can be so negative, but this book is very positive about prayer — as the title suggests, ‘You can…

Fearless Faith
Jonathan Stephen

This book is the third in a series from Union (see for details). The aim of the series is to produce short, accessible theological books, and this offering is no exception. In the words of the author, this little book…

The Scriptures Testify about Me
D. A. Carson

The Scriptures Testify about Me Ed. D A Carson IVP 192, £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-628-6 Star Rating: 3 As a preacher, I value any book that helps me preach Christ more effectively. This one is particularly helpful, because it will help…

Sam Allberry

God is Trinity. This is foundational and life-changing. Yet, bizarrely, for many believers, this is one of the least-examined aspects of the Christian life. Sam Allberry takes us right to the heart of who God is, something which has radical…

The Appearing of Jesus
Leslie Land

Available from 2, New Cottages, Main Street, Sutton on the Forest, York.

Gospel Basics
Andrew A. Bonar

In an age of 'information overload' it is so easy to lose sight of what is really important. Andrew Bonar was a man who lived to bring people back to the gospel and to focus their attention on what matters…

At the Cross
John Benton

These days there are many competitors and ‘look-alikes' around for the gospel of Christ. And the tragedy is that there is such a measure of confusion in the churches that often we can't recognise the genuine article when we see…

The Happiness of Heaven
Maurice Roberts

In The Happiness of Heaven, Maurice Roberts surveys Holy Scripture to tell us what heaven is all about. In his characteristic style, Roberts discusses the biblical data clearly and relevantly, making soul-searching application at every turn. This is not just…

The Ulster Awakening: An Account of the 1859 Revival in Ireland
John Weir

'The finest account of the last great awakening in the British Isles; full of relevance for the present time' - Iain H. Murray. Be awestruck at God's Spirit in response to some praying people in a small country village.

Jesus: The Life-Changer
Simon Robinson

This is a fascinating and unusual book as it looks at Jesus through the eyes of those who met him. The nineteen chapters are all relatively short and can each be read in 10–15 minutes. The nature of this book…

Opening Up Proverbs
Jim Newheiser

The Book of Proverbs has one central message (how to gain wisdom) and deals with an extensive array of practical topics including vocation, financial stewardship, moral purity, and how to have successful relationships. Here, Jim Newheiser guides the reader through…

David: Man of Prayer, Man of War
Walter J. Chantry

We love this man for showing us how to pray from every point of life's compass. We love him for showing us how, in the midst of spiritual failure, we too can draw near to the Lord again in trust…

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