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All reviews by Norman Wells

Norman is currently the Director of the Family Education Trust.

Rewriting Gender?: You, Your Family, Transgenderism and the Gospel
David Martin

Over a very short space of time, gender identity has become a major issue in the worlds of politics, healthcare, education and the media. It is not going to go away and the often subtle influence of the transgender agenda…

Fatherhood – what it is and what it’s for
Tony Payne

This is the second edition of a title originally published in 2004. The author, director of Matthias Media and father of five children, sets out to address the ‘fatherhood crisis’ by changing how we think about fatherhood. He observes that…

Confronting Porn
Paula Hall

There is nothing new about sexual temptation. There have always been adulterers at large, seeking to lure their prey into sin. But since the advent of printed media, photographic imaging and film, adultery or fornication has appeared increasingly in print…

Is the Lord’s Day for you
Joseph A. Pipa Jr

In this addition to the ‘Cultivating Biblical Godliness’ booklet series, Joseph Pipa (President of the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina) sets out the biblical basis for the abiding relevance of the fourth commandment. In short compass, Dr Pipa…

Belief and the Nation
Belief and the Nation
John Scriven

Belief and the nation John ScrivenWilberforce Publications, 521 pages, £8.98ISBN: 978-0-9575725-0-8Star rating: 3 All too often the impression is given that the Bible applies primarily, if not exclusively, to areas of personal piety, personal morality and church polity. Any attempt…

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