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All reviews by Patrick Buckley

Evangelistic Living: Sharing the gospel day by day
Roger Carswell

I enjoyed this book immensely and appreciated the gentle and clear prod to live evangelistically. It is intended to give encouragement and ideas for church members in our joint duty to share the gospel. It is divided into five chapters…

To Seek and to Save: Daily reflections on the road to the cross
Sinclair B. Ferguson

I enjoyed and benefited from this little book, which is both beautifully written and challenging. It is a series of meditations for Lent on events in Luke’s Gospel, from Peter’s confession at Caesarea Philippi, to the resurrection of Jesus. The…

How the Bible Can Change Your Life: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about the Bible
Josh Moody

This book started as a series of sermons preached at Wheaton Chapel in which Pastor Moody aimed to answer questions about the Bible. I appreciated Moody’s aim in addressing these questions. His points were often fresh, illuminating and helpful. One…

Be Faithful
Michael Ovey

I enjoyed this slim volume immensely. Its contributors point out that faithfulness means clarity about the gospel and about contemporary delusions about sin. The contributors are realistic about the pressures facing faithful servants of God in Anglican ministry especially. It…

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