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All reviews by Paul Cook

Paul Cook held various pastorates in the UK, and was one of the editors of Christian Hymns. He was married to Faith, the author of many books, until his death in 2020.

Bold as a lion
Peter Gentry

An early death at the age of thirty-six in 1755 deprived John Cennick of the renown enjoyed by the other great preachers of the Evangelical Revival. He is relatively little known apart from a few of his 750 hymns, such…

Our Father: Enjoying God in Prayer
Richard Coekin

Our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name. When Jesus' disciples asked him for help with prayer, he gave them a beautifully simple but spiritually profound outline known as the Lord's Prayer. This utterly extraordinary prayer has been cherished by…

Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace
Iain H. Murray

This book by long-time friend of the doctor is not so much biography as an exposition of three key themes in the doctor's life and ministry. These being preaching, the Holy Spirit and whether Lloyd-Jones was unnecessarily divisive in his…

Christians We Should Know (MP3)
Christians We Should Know (MP3)
Don Stephens

Someone has said that if we know nothing about what has happened before we were born then we are destined to live a life of ignorance. In other words, the past helps us to understand the present. And this is…

The Life and Times of George Whitefield, M.A.
Robert Philip

When God purposes to do a work he prepares for it by raising up people to accomplish it. Such was notably the case before the Evangelical Revival of the eighteenth century which led to a transformation of our national life.…

Meet the Puritans
Randall J. Pederson

This encyclopaedic resource provides biographical sketches of all the major Puritans as well as bibliographic summaries of their writings and work. Meet the Puritans is an important addition to the library of the layman, pastor, student and scholar.

John Stott: A Global Ministry
Timothy Dudley-Smith

This article reviews the second volume on the life of John Stott written by Timothy Dudley-Smith. The book traces his ministry beyond the confines of All Souls Church in London, where his ministry as Rector began in 1950, into far-flung…

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