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All reviews by Paul Irving

The Cross of Jesus: How Christ understood his crucifixion
Warren Wiersbe

Warren Wiersbe was primarily known for his work in radio ministry, and published a large number of books rooted in evangelical, biblical truth. A striking feature of The Cross of Jesus is its basic, straightforward approach to the centrality of the cross…

For the Glory – The life of Eric Liddell
Duncan Hamilton

Biographies of Christians can be rich feasts that inspire believers. How excellent it is to have a new work that should rank as one of the best of this present generation. Duncan Hamilton is a sports writer and apparently not…

Journal of the Seminary of the Free Church of Scotland (Cont) Volume 2
J. W. Keddie

In producing this journal, the FCS (Continuing) has demonstrated the necessity and benefits of sound study articles as a means of nurturing a godly ministry. Such ministry is greatly needed today. This volume has worthy articles on matters of interest…

How can I practice Christian Meditation
Joel Beeke

The 21st century is witness to an information revolution not seen since the invention of the printing press. The challenge for Christians today, faced with vast amounts of images, news feeds, social media and web surfing, is to keep all…

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