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All reviews by Paul Mackrell

Paul Mackrell grew up in Hampshire but now lives in West Sussex with his wife, Sue, who comes from Liverpool.

The Guardsman
Jamie Campbell

Despite being under age, George Venables volunteered for service in May 1915. His initial desire to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, on the grounds that he would not have to take life, could not be granted.  As a result…

John G. Paton: Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas
Paul Schlehlein

This is an excellent book. John Paton left his native Scottish soil and set sail with his wife and infant son for the mission field 160 years ago. His destination was the New Hebrides: a cluster of islands in the…

Light from Old Times
J. C. Ryle

Some years ago, a friend visited the parish church in Childwall, Liverpool, in order to see the grave of Bishop Ryle, Liverpool’s first bishop. Having some difficulty in finding it, he sought the vicar’s help. Not only did the vicar…

Authentic Calvinism?

The annual Westminster Conference maintains a reputation for producing authoritative and penetrating papers that keep Reformed, biblical Christianity in touch with its past. Six papers delivered by six authors over the course of two days are published. This booklet represents…

The English Reformation and the Puritans (DVD)
Michael Reeves

One of the criticisms of the way history is taught in schools is that pupils come away knowing a bit about Henry VIII and his six wives, some details of the horrors of the slave trade and something about Hitler,…

Evangelicals and Culture
Doreen M. Rosman

Rosman challenges contemporary and modern accusations of anti-intellectualism, philistinism, and asceticism from commentators and historians about nineteenth-century evangelicalism. Although there were evangelical Christians at the time who dismissed worldly exploits as vanity, there was a strong and consistent evangelical presence…

Toxic Ideas Polluting your Mind
Anthony Selvaggio

Toxic Ideas Polluting your Mind Anthony Selvaggio P&R Publishing 128 pages, £7.51 ISBN: 978-1-59638-196-4 Star Rating: 4   An earlier generation warned believers of the dangers of worldliness. Anthony Selvaggio does much the same thing here. But whereas Christian preachers and…

John Knox and the Reformation
Iain H. Murray

It is the duty of all Christians to remember those faithful men from whom they heard the gospel of Christ. For those of Scottish descent no Christian leader deserves more to be remembered than John Knox. Born in Haddington around…

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