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All reviews by Paul Relf

Paul Relf is Pastor at Enon Baptist Church, Chatham.

Training: How Do I Grow As a Christian?
Isaac Adams

Training is one of a series of titles that focuses on the unchurched. It is aimed at a new Christian and is very helpful for anyone young in the faith from whatever background. As the introduction says, the theme is…

The noble martyrs of Kent
M. J. Hyde

This is a reprint of a book first published in 1924. It makes the reader aware of the faithful and courageous stand for the truth that cost men and women their lives, particularly in the reign of Mary Tudor, queen…

Universe – Time, Space, Life, God
Nigel Faithfull

Everyone has questions on big issues. This title provides fascinating insights into four common areas of such questions: time, space, life and God. The four areas are addressed separately, each section giving scientific details (where relevant) as well as quotations…

James MacGregor: Preacher, Theologian & Defender of the Faith
J. W. Keddie

This book will interest those who enjoy Christian biographies or follow church history. It focuses on theological issues as well as the life of its subject. Indeed, Macgregor was primarily a theologian, and the title aptly sums him up. He…

Building a Godly Home
William Gouge

This is the third volume of a three volume series and focuses on the responsibilities of both parents and children. It is subtitled ‘a holy vision for raising children’. It is an edited and modernised edition of a book originally…

Life in Christ
Jeremy Walker

Life in Christ Jeremy Walker Reformation Heritage Books 144 pages, £11.00 ISBN: 978-1-60178-274-8  An excellent book, ideal for the new Christian and any seeker! It could also be given to an unbeliever, as there is plenty to challenge such. It…

Building a Godly Home
William Gouge

Vol 1

Building a Godly Home
Building a Godly Home
William Gouge

Vol 2

Life in the Big Story
Heidi Johnston

We are part of an epic story. From Adam and Eve as they walked with God, to the charged anticipation of the Israelites as they prepared to enter the promised land; from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to…

Royal Company – A Devotional on Song of Solomon
Malcolm Maclean

Poetry is the language of love. The Songs of Solomon are no different as we read these beautiful cameos of the intimate relationship between the King and his lover. These were the song of songs which were often sung to…

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