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All reviews by Paul Williams

Paul studied for three years at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales ( ETCW Bryntirion). During his third year,
Paul received a call to the Pastorate of Newtown Evangelical Church in Mid-Wales, where he served from 1989 to 1998.
Then in 1998, sensing that God was moving them on, Paul accepted an invitation to the Pastorate of Swindon Evangelical Church,
where he serves to this day.

Maximum Impact: Living and Loving for God’s Glory
Wayne Mack

Teaching on Christian living from 1 Corinthians 13.

Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life
Sam Allberry

For many the resurrection is a nice thing to believe, the 'happy' ending to the gospel, as though after the darkness of the cross Spielberg was brought in to do the finish. But 'Lifted' shows that it's far more. The…

R.B. Jones: Gospel Ministry in Turbulent Times
Noel Gibbard

This is an excellent and much needed biography of Rhys Bevan Jones (1869-1933). 'RB' (as he was referred to) is popularly remembered in connection with the 1904-05 Welsh Revival; and his influence was much wider. The author helpfully brings out…

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