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All reviews by Phil Heaps

Phil serves as pastor of Highbury Baptist Church

You Could Have It All
Geoffrey Thomas

What a great idea for a book! In ten short chapters, Geoff Thomas winsomely presents the great blessings held out in the gospel: knowing God and knowing yourself, being forgiven and adopted, all things working together for your good, learning…

Psalms Vol. 1: From Suffering to Glory (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Philip Eveson

This commentary from Philip Eveson, in the Welwyn Commentary Series, begins with a ten-page introduction, briefly touching on psalm headings (part of the Hebrew text); the division of the Psalter into five books; different types of psalm (praise, prayer, thanksgiving,…

Why 27? How can we be sure that we have the right books in the New Testament?
Brian Edwards

Bestsellers like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Dawkins' The God Delusion claim that the books in our New Testament were selected at random, centuries after Christ, from a wide pool of possible gospels and other writings such as 'The…

Overcoming Spiritual Depression
Arie Elshout

This book has been translated from the Dutch by the author's son, Bartel. Taking Elijah's post-Carmel experience as his framework, Elshout explores the roots, nature and treatment of discouragement, burnout and spiritual depression. Often he works directly from 1 Kings…

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