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All reviews by Philip Eveson

Philip Eveson is a former Principal of the London Theological Seminary (LTS) and was one of the four original faculty members. The subjects he has taught at LTS have included the Biblical Languages, Exegesis and Theology and preaching the Old Testament. He has pastored churches in South Wales and London and travelled worldwide lecturing and preaching. Though retired he is active in preaching and writing, and entertaining his four grandchildren. His commentaries on Genesis (2001) and Leviticus (2007) are published by EP in the Welwyn Commentary Series and he is the author of the EP Bitesize Biography of Matthew Henry.

For the Mouth of the Lord has Spoken: The doctrine of Scripture
Guy Prentiss Waters

Each generation needs a fresh appraisal of current understandings of the doctrine of Scripture, with warnings of dangerous human speculations. The author, who is New Testament Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi, does this admirably, but at the same…

Teaching Ruth & Esther (Proclamation Trust)
Christopher Ash

This helpful aid for Bible study leaders and preachers will certainly remove any thought that these two very different Biblical books are strictly for ladies’ meetings. Boaz and Mordecai are shown to play as significant a part as Ruth and…

NSBT – Unceasing kindness — A biblical theology of Ruth
Peter Lau

What more could possibly be squeezed out of the well loved, much-studied-and-expounded book of Ruth? Well, Bible students, teachers and preachers of God’s Word will be interested and surprised at the content of this work. It is not merely another…

The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Steven J. Lawson

Here is the latest in ‘The Long Line of Godly Men Profiles’ by the series editor. The series seeks to explore how key historical figures have been used by God to influence their generation and further Christ’s work. The quotation…

Who shall ascend the mountain of the Lord? (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
L. Michael Morales

This is an exceptional piece of biblical theology. It presents a fascinating study of Leviticus and sets this central book of the Pentateuch within the context of the whole biblical revelation. The author demonstrates how the goal of God’s final…

Bound for the Promised Land (NSBT)
Oren R. Martin

This book (Apollos imprint) shows the Bible’s amazing unity and excites the reader concerning the way in which God fulfils his purposes. The ‘land promise’ to Abraham has induced bizarre interpretations over the centuries. While dispensationalists emphasise the literal land…

Raiding the Lost Ark
Jonty Rhodes

Raiding the Lost Ark Jonty Rhodes IVP 184 pages, £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-78359-012-4 Star rating: 5 stars   No, this is not about Indiana Jones or finding long-lost artefacts! It is about opening up what the Bible has to say on…

NSBT – Paul and the Law
NSBT – Paul and the Law
Brian S. Rosner

Paul and the law Brian S. Rosner Apollos/IVP, 249 pages, £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-891-4 Star rating : 5 Anyone interested in understanding Paul’s apparent contradictory statements concerning the Mosaic law will welcome this most helpful contribution to the debate. The book…

Edward J. Woods

Deuteronomy has been aptly described as a book 'on the boundary': it addresses the possibilities of new life 'beyond the Jordan' as dependent upon Israel's keeping of the law and acknowledgment of Yahweh's supremacy. Moses leaves the people with his…

Christian Worship (hymn book)

The two volumes, words-only (coloured red) and music-only (green), both contain the same preface by the publishing committee and foreword by Vernon Higham. The aim is to provide a 'traditional hymnbook in a contemporary form' to serve 'traditional evangelical churches'.…

God’s People in the Wilderness: The Church in Hebrews
O. Palmer Robertson

For the writer to the Hebrews, the Church of today finds its most proper definition in terms of the historical experience of the old covenant people of God "in the wilderness" during the days of Moses. For him, the Church…

Sermons on Genesis: Chapters 1–11
John Calvin

A sermon serves a different purpose to a commentary. Herein find Calvin expositing the Word, exhorting God's people, and applying its truths to real life. But let the reader be warned — this volume contains lively preaching!

Pierced for Our Transgressions: Rediscovering the Glory of Penal Substitution
Steve Jeffery

An increasing number of theologians and church leaders are questioning the doctrine of penal substitution. The authors offer a fresh re-articulation of the doctrine and its central role, and engage with over twenty specific objections that have been brought against…

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