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All reviews by Roy Mellor

Roy Mellor is a retired Anglican Priest who is still active in Parish ministry in the Oxford Diocese, having served in Poole, Northampton, and Durham. He has also served for many years as a seasonal Chaplain in France and Italy with the Intercontinental
Church Society. He is passionate about preaching and Reformed Evangelical Theology. He is a member of Oxford’s John Owen Society and ‘Re:Con’, a group which studies the great Confessions of Faith. A scholar of America’s greatest theologian, Jonathan Edwards (1703-58), he helped to organise a conference on Edwards, and contributed to the recently published Jonathan Edwards Encyclopaedia.

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A Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards (Ed Nathan A. Finn and Jeremy M. Kimble
N. Finn/M. Kimble

This guide introduces readers to the life of Jonathan Edwards and provides an overview of his major writings. His work is frequently referenced and a working knowledge of it will begin to be established for readers. In just ten chapters,…

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Jonathan Edwards & Transatlantic Print Culture
Jonathan Yeager

This is a must-read for every Edwards aficionado. It is a treasure trove of eighteenth-century publishing and the activities of booksellers. Some might be tempted to dismiss the garnered facts as mere minutiae, but we soon capture the theme undergirding…

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