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All reviews by Sheila Stephen

Sheila Stephen is Lecturer in Pastoral Theology. Her academic background is in Biblical Studies and Social Theory & Institutions
as well as Counselling. She is a professional counsellor, clinical supervisor and trainer. She has written materials for youth and
children’s ministry for a number of years and has run training courses in a variety of settings. She has many years of experience
in women’s ministry in local churches and at a national level, and has authored numerous articles on pastoral care and women’s
and children’s issues. She has been an innovator and pioneer in the voluntary sector and is a Trustee of a number of charities.

Raising Kids in a ‘You can do it!’ World
Paul Tautges

The author sets out eight signposts for Christian parents to follow when bringing up their children in a world that promotes the attitude that all you have to do is have confidence and you can achieve anything you want. The…

Daddy tried: overcoming the failures of fatherhood
Tim Bayly

(5 Star) With good reason, theologian John Frame calls this ‘the best book on fathering currently in print’. Tim Bayly is an American pastor with over 30 years’ experience. He addresses fatherhood in the home, church and public square, with…

Coming home to dad: a journey from childhood trauma to wholeness
Amanda Pilz

This book has been published by a publishing house claiming they are ‘passionate about addressing diverse social issues from a kingdom perspective’. It is the autobiography of a woman who suffered domestic abuse and neglect at the hands of a…

What Is Going On in Christian Sex Education?
E. S. Williams

Sex education has proved to be a difficult issue for Christians. In view of the crisis in teenage pregnancies and the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, some believe that young people desperately need accurate and reliable information on sex and…

Womanly Dominion: More Than a Gentle and Quiet Spirit
Mark Chanski

Many Christian women have been told over the years that they must quietly stay under their parasols while their men go out and conquer the world. Is this what the Bible really teaches? Author and pastor Mark Chanski insists that…

What the Bible Teaches About Marriage
Anthony Selvaggio

There is no question that our world today suffers from high divorce rates, rampant sexual promiscuity and a free and easy attitude to relationships. While we can blame the presence of sin as a reason for this, it does not…

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