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All reviews by Simon Arscott

Simon has been sent by the International Presbyterian Church to lead All Nations Church, Ilford.
He was born and bred south of the river in Camberwell. He studied in York, and worked back in south London
for a couple of years, before training to be a preacher and a pastor out in the USA for 3 years, at Westminster Theological seminary, Philadelphia.
In 2010, he and his family moved to York, where he served in a church plant (Trinity Church York) as Assistant Minister.
He was ordained to the ministry in 2011.

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Essentials: the heart of the Christian Faith
Lee McMunn

This is a very short book, with just 35 pages of text, designed to explain the “Essentials” of Christianity to unbelievers. It’s based on verses from Luke’s gospel. It’s split into 5 parts, entitled Reveal, Reject, Rescue, Relationship, and Response;…

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Talking Points: Transgender
Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts’ latest book is a good introduction to a topic that has hit our culture like a juggernaut. At just 64-pages, it is a quick read. Chapter 1 defines terms. What does ‘transgender’ actually mean? Is it sexual? Chapter…

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Intentional – Evangelism that takes people to Jesus
Paul Williams

This is a short, punchy book about evangelism. The author is vicar of a conservative, evangelical Anglican church. You can quickly tell he isn’t someone holed up in a study who never talks to unbelievers. It is practical, realistic and…

God Redeeming His Bride
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God Redeeming His Bride
Robert K. Cheong

God redeeming his bride Robert K. CheongChristian Focus Publications336 pages, £11.99ISBN: 978-1-84550-719-0Star rating : 4 This is a book about church discipline, elaborating how churches have a responsibility to remove the impenitent from their midst (e.g. Matthew 18:15-20). It grew…

Pop Cultured
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Pop Cultured
Steve Turner

Pop culturedSteve TurnerIVP, 256 pages, £10.99ISBN: 978-1-84474-905-8Star rating : 3 Steve Turner is clearly an enthusiastic Christian with a wealth of experience in pop culture. He has contributed to rock music magazines, as well as written books on Johnny Cash…

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A Neglected Grace
Jason Helopoulos

Pastor Jason Helopoulos calls parents and church leaders to reclaim the practice of family worship. This indispensable means of grace directs our children to seek Christ daily, preparing them to go out into the world as fully functioning Christian adults,…

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Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
Rosaria Champagne-Butterfield

Rosaria, by the standards of many, was living a very good life. She had a tenured position at a large university in a field for which she cared deeply. She owned two homes with her partner, in which they provided…

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