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All reviews by Simon Ward

Josiah’s Reformation
Richard Sibbes

Richard Sibbes always sought to get under the superficial layer of his listeners' behaviour and deal with their hearts. He knew that the outward acts of sin spring from the inner desires of the heart. Merely to alter a person's…

Stars in God’s Sky: Short Biographies of ‘Extraordinary Ordinary Christians’
Faith Cook

In her typically engaging and enthralling style, Faith Cook shows us how God graciously works in individuals' lives. Among others here we find the encouraging short stories of John Foxe, Fanny Guinness, John Gifford and 'Grimshaw's men', Paul Greenwood and…

Apprentice: Walking the Way of Christ
Steve Chalke

The quest for meaning and purpose dwells within all of us. Jesus insisted that its fulfillment lay in a relationship with him. But what does that relationship look like, really? Apprentice calls spiritual pilgrims, both Christians and non-Christians, to exchange…

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