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All reviews by Simoney Kyriakou

Simoney Kyriakou is editor of the Financial Adviser and an award-winning financial journalist.

Never Enough: Confronting Lies about Appearance and Achievement with Gospel Hope
Sarah Ivill

Never Enough is a well-written, thoughtfully structured series of ‘teachable moments’ based on the author’s own testimony of suffering from eating disorders and a battle between fitness and obsession. Ivill talks of how her need to be romantically loved made…

A Pilgrim Path: John Bunyan’s Journey
Faith Cook

John Bunyan is no stranger to Christians and his book Pilgrim’s progress, written in 1678, is well-known and well loved by those of Christian faith and those with none. Neither is Bunyan a stranger to Faith Cook, whose 2008 book…

I Married A Soldier
Rachel Farmer

This book is not a comfortable read. It is not a glorification of military duty, nor is it a glossed-over view of godly marriage. It is not even evangelistic. But much of the book had me in tears, gripped by…

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