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All reviews by Stanley Jebb

Stanley Jebb has pastored Baptist churches in Bristol, Porthcawl, Cradley and Dunstable.
He has retired from full time ministry and continues to preach, lecture and write.

A Bruised Reed
A Bruised Reed
Phil Cottrell

A bruised reed — one Christian’s journey through depressionPhil CottrellEP Books, 72 pages, £4.99ISBN: 978-0852349984Star rating : 3 The author of this booklet has suffered from depression and anxiety and so writes with real understanding of the symptoms and genuine…

The Beauty and the Glory of the Father
The Beauty and the Glory of the Father
Joel Beeke

The beauty and glory of the Father Edited by Joel Beeke Reformation Heritage Books, 156 pages, £15:10 (hardback) or £6.64 (Kindle) ISBN: 978-1-60178-246-5 Star Rating : 4 stars This is a beautifully produced book of rich devotional content. It contains…

Bitesize Biography – Zachary Macaulay
Faith Cook

Bitesize Biography - Zachary Macaulay Faith Cook EP Books 160, £6.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-784-3 Star Rating: 4   What a gem this little book is! A combination of thorough research and imaginative description combine to produce a gripping account of one…

Gospel Truth
Paul Barnett

Strident New Atheists who seek to disprove God make historical attacks on the New Testament Gospels as a major part of their strategy. According to the late Christopher Hitchens, in God Is Not Great, 'The case for biblical consistency or…

Opening up Isaiah
Andrew Thomson

The book of Isaiah is a tale of two cities: the Jerusalem Isaiah knew, and the Jerusalem that he saw. We are introduced to both in the opening five chapters. They are like two photographs marked, 'before' and 'after'. But…

Stan K. Evers

The Bible overflows with benedictions (prayers for God’s blessing) and doxologies (expressions of praise) yet preachers often use only a few in worship. Too often the benediction is seen as signal that the service has finished. A study of the…

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