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All reviews by Stephen Ford

Stephen Ford is pastor of Lordshill Baptist Church, Snailbeach, Shropshire.

The Great River – Primitive Methodism till 1868
David M. Young

This book describes the origins and development of Primitive Methodism in North Hampshire. As such, it is an encouragement to perseverance in evangelistic work today. The book is not a general history of the denomination. Instead, it offers a carefully…

Burial or Cremation for Christians?
Adrian V. W. Freer

Adrian Freer helpfully discusses the question of whether Christians should be buried or cremated. The subject is rarely raised, giving the impression that it is purely a matter of personal preference. While there are no explicit biblical commands or prohibitions,…

The God who makes himself known
W. Ross Blackburn

The Lord's commitment to make himself known throughout the nations is the missionary theme that spans the Bible, and is the central theological concern of the book of Exodus. Countering scholarly tendencies to fragment the text due to theological problems,…

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