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All reviews by Trevor Baker

Trevor works with the Albanian Evangelical Mission.

Radical Church
John Caldwell

In this book, John Caldwell gives a brief analysis of what has gone wrong with the church and the world. David Robertson writes in the foreword, ‘There is very little in this wee book that is new. You can find…

God’s Way for Romance: Getting Back to Biblical Courtship
Stuart Burgess

Sexual purity is one of the most important issues facing the church today. There is great peer pressure to have sexual relationships before marriage, and that peer pressure has entered the church. Having seen first-hand the harmful effects of the…

Crown of Thorns
Tim Chester

Upon first seeing this book, readers may wonder what issue is being addressed. But Tim Chester explains the problem and answers it well. The question concerns the gospel. Is the gospel about the coming of the kingdom of God and…

Created to Praise
Created to Praise
Derek Prime

Created to praiseDerek PrimeChristian Focus Publications, 128 pages, £7.99ISBN: 978-1-78191-236-2Star rating : 4 This short devotional book contains eight chapters and feels like it began life as a short series of topical sermons. The text is broken up into short…

The Beauty & Glory of the Holy Spirit
Joseph A. Pipa Jr

The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit both exalt and revel in the third person of the Trinity. Through an assortment of studies - categorized according to their biblical, doctrinal, historical, or pastoral focus - this…

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