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All reviews by Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce is a minister in the Church of Scotland in Stornaway

Grace Essentials
John Calvin

Christian Focus is to be commended for publishing a clear, concise and comprehensive compendium of John Calvin’s classic, The Institutes of the Christian religion. Systematic, biblical theology is presented in an accessible and appealing format. Using the ESV Bible text,…

A Survey of Church History Part 5 (DVD)
W. Robert Godfrey

W. Robert Godfrey is president and professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, California. He here provides an informative, insightful and interesting series of twelve lectures on 1800-1900. Although produced primarily for an American audience, there is much that…

The murderous history of Bible translations: power, conflict and quest for meaning
Harry Freedman

This books comprises 13 chapters, subdivided into three parts: ‘Before the violence’, ‘The violence begins’ and ‘Enlightenment’. The book is broadly chronological, beginning with ‘The legacy of Alexandria’ and ‘The legend of the Septuagint’, while concluding with thoughts on ‘The…

Joseph – His arms were made strong
David C. Seale

The story of Joseph as recorded in the book of Genesis is a vital part of salvation history. Through this one man God kept alive the family from which Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world would be born. It…

Bitesize Biography – John Chrysostom
Earl Blackburn

It is good that Christ reigns over all, particularly in his church. Otherwise, biblical Christianity would disappear from the earth. Chrysostom is proof positive that the mediatorial Lord of heaven and earth rules and overrules in the affairs of men…

Not much of a soldier
David Christie

Betrayed by their political masters, deserted by their cavalry support, faced with an enemy fresh from their victory at Killiecrankie which outnumbered them five to one, only half equipped with firearms, and led by a man whose General assessed him…

Preacher to the Remnant: The Story of James Renwick
Maurice Grant

Those familiar with Maurice Grant's biographies of Donald Cargill and Richard Cameron will welcome this new and timely biography on James Renwick. Renwick was successor to Cargill and Cameron and is described as the 'last of the great trio of…

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