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Taste and see that the Lord is good: knowing, loving and enjoying God

April 2012 | by John Palmer

Taste and see that the Lord is good: knowing, loving and enjoying God

Joel James
Day One
202 pages, £8.00
ISBN: 978-1-84625-269-3

This is an excellent book. The title is however slightly misleading. For in this volume Joel James uses Old Testament narratives to teach about many of the attributes of God, not just his goodness.
    These were originally sermons, and in each he explains an attribute of God, illustrates it from one or more Old Testament people who experienced it for themselves, for good or ill, and applies it to believers today. Characters brought before us include Achan, Jonah and Moses.
    The teaching is Reformed preaching and writing at its best — solid in content, easy to understand, snappy, pointed and warm. Dr James obviously enjoyed preaching this material and his hearers should have enjoyed hearing it and benefited greatly, as should many readers. It would also be a good basis for a series of Sunday school lessons, or for parents to use with their children.
    The attributes of God are mostly covered, though some only by implication. For example, Manasseh is held up as an example of God’s patience, rather than his mercy or grace, which are not specifically addressed.
    Overall, however, the sheer greatness and wonder of God, and his love to sinners, shines through all that is written, and God is glorified throughout.
    A sample quote: ‘The story of David and Goliath … isn’t the story of an underdog winning an unlikely victory over a vastly superior foe … it’s the story of an incomparably powerful God winning an utterly predictable victory over a pathetic, puny and completely inconsequential nine-foot-tall giant’.
    This book comes with recommendations from Conrad Mbewe and John MacArthur among others. Buy, read, enjoy and profit from this.
John Palmer

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