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The Lord of glory

July 2011 | by Mark Rowcroft

The Lord of glory
— Day by day devotions with your children

Jim Cromarty
EP Books; 767 pages, £17.99
ISBN: 978-0-85234-684-6

This book has been written to encourage and help Christian parents take seriously their responsibility to lead their families in daily family worship.
    There is a two-paged, dated entry for every day of the year. Each day there is a passage of Scripture to read, followed by thoughts upon the passage. These thoughts are followed by questions to discuss with the family. There is also a meditation and a quotation from another Christian writer.
    The devotions throughout are focused upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. Any family (or individual) who reads through this over a year will benefit greatly from the clear, rich and well applied teaching it contains.
    It is perhaps worth noting that this is different to other books for family worship written by Jim Cromarty. His previous books were aimed at young children and often began with a story from everyday life, before moving on to a spiritual lesson.
    This is more along the lines of an exposition of the day’s Bible reading. So parents of younger children may find they need to explain simply some of the words and concepts used.
Mark Rowcroft


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