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April 2000
Articles > Guest column

Guest Column: The Church is Catholic and Apostolic

This month we turn to the church's 'catholicity' and 'apostolicity'. The term catholic derives from the Greek word katholikos, which is a combination of the pronoun kata (meaning 'throughout') and the adjective holos (meaning 'whole'). Thus, 'catholic' means 'throughout the whole', or 'common to the whole'. Hippocrates, the father of medical science, used the…

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April 1995
Articles > Historical

The Ancient Church

We do not know who the first church member was. It may have been Adam, or perhaps Eve. Scripture does not say explicitly. But at the very least, God had called out a people for himself by the second generation of mankind. Abel is identified by Christ as 'righteous', and the author of Hebrews…

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