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All articles & reviews tagged with archaeology


March 2021
News > International

Israel: Researchers find royal purple fabric from the days of David and Solomon

Purple-dyed fabric dating back to the days of Kings David and Solomon has been discovered in Israel for the first time, according to archaeologists. Radiocarbon dating confirmed the samples date from approximately 1000 BC, corresponding to the monarchies of David and Solomon in Jerusalem. ‘Royal’ or ‘Tyrian’ purple dye, which is believed to have…

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October 2019
Articles > Biblical/theological

Archaeology backs up the Bible

Remember the time when ‘scholars’ claimed that the Bible is not reliable history? It was confidently asserted that biblical personalities and incidents were ‘mythological,’ created to set forth religious views of the ancient Hebrew people.  Well, folks, a new day has dawned.  We know now that the Bible is historically and scientifically accurate. There…

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