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Am I A Christian?

A lack of assurance has hampered the testimony and undermined the joy of many of the Lord’s people down the centuries. The author of this little book certainly experienced this, as he notes in the introduction: ‘I find that it has been [the tempter’s] first and greatest object to make me doubt of my…

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October 1997
Articles > Biblical/theological

True assurance

Many people are uninterested in the gospel because they have a false assurance. For a variety of reasons they think they are already bound for heaven. What need do they have, then, for more? They believe that ‘a God of love’ could never send anyone to hell. They know nothing of his holiness, righteousness,…

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November 1996
Articles > Historical

Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) – a child of light

Picture a six-year-old boy with tears running down his cheeks, not because of the usual upsets of childhood, but because he is recalling his sins. If you could read his mind, you would see flashes of joy shoot into it, not because of the passing delights of a child, but because he has been…

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