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August 2018
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Media – Data breach hits Bible Society

The British and Foreign Bible Society (Bible Society) has been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), after the society’s computer network was compromised as the result of a cyber-attack in 2016. In a statement issued by the ICO, between November and December 2016 the intruders exploited a weakness in the Society’s network…

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September 1998
Articles > Historical

Don Jorge

Who was George Borrow? You would not have asked that question a hundred and fifty years ago, for then the author of The Bible in Spain, Lavengro (Word-Master), The Romany Rye (Gipsy Gentleman), not to mention Romano Lavo-Lil (Gipsy Dictionary), was as famous as Charles Dickens. For generations George Borrow, also known as ‘Don…

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