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October 2018
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Reaching Carcassonne, France

‘Reaching Carcassonne’ 2018 took place from 21-28 August, in partnership with ‘La Voix des Prophètes’ and United Beach Missions (UBM), and with the support of ‘La Maison de la Bible’. The team of 29 was made up of 10 ladies and 19 men, aged between 17 and 67, including students, professionals, civil servants and…

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June 2018
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International – Carcassonne church inauguration

After four years of searching for a new building, plus one year of administration and renovation work, Carcassonne Reformed Baptist Church, France, had the immense joy of inaugurating our new church premises. This took place in November 2017, accompanied by local residents and elected officials, friends and representatives of other churches in the region,…

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Carcassonne terrorist attack: a Christian response

Terrorism has hit again! Since Friday 23rd March, France has been in shock. The attack in Carcassonne and Trèbes left four people dead and many injured physically and psychologically. The French are sad, angry and indignant. As Christians, how should we react? What thoughts should guide us?  Today we want to weep with those…

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