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All articles & reviews tagged with church-closure


January 2021
News > Religious liberty

MP is ‘appalled’ by how easily we gave up freedoms

Conservative MP Desmond Swayne says he is ‘appalled’ at the ease with which people have allowed their religious freedoms to be ‘dispensed with’ during the Covid-19 lockdown. In a speech in parliament, Swayne said that government-imposed restrictions continue to impede a number of individual freedoms. He expressed horror at the lack of meaningful protest…

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January 2021
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

Covid decisions: a dress rehearsal

Every church leader has a view on lockdown. Many hiring buildings have been spared a potentially divisive decision. Churches with buildings have had to decide whether and how to open. It seems that the way churches have been treated owes more to the powers that be viewing us as irrelevant than deliberate persecution. However,…

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