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May 2018
News > Persecution

Persecution: China – Chinese church crackdown

China has increased its pressure on Christians in China, especially in the central Henan province, where public security bureaus and religious affairs commissions have been targeting house churches. According to reports from US organisation China Aid, a new initiative in Nanyang, Henan, explicitly forbids any kind of religious gatherings in people’s homes. Anyone caught…

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December 2000
Articles > Evangelistic

Finding the answer

My name is Hien and I come from South Vietnam. My grandparents, parents, brother and sisters are all Christians. I went to church regularly and was baptised at the age of 14. Then in 1975, when I was 15, North Vietnam defeated the South and they became one nation. Vietnam is a communist country,…

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November 1999
Articles > Historical

The Fall and Rise of Wang Ming Dao

The year was 1949 and the first unified central government for forty years was in power in China. Christian believers were fearful. At the Peking (Beijing) Christian Tabernacle, the congregation prepared itself for Communist rule. Wang Ming Dao, the pastor, continued to hold tenaciously to Scripture. The Christian, he affirmed, should obey the authorities…

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