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All articles & reviews tagged with contemporary-evangelicalism


January 2020
Reviews > Book

Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church

The ‘Author’s Prayer’ sets the tone: ‘Let the truth go forward. Let men be changed’ (p.viii). The directness in the prayer is replicated in the exposition. The author is a voice crying to recall the church to its true mission. He seeks reformation based on love, truth and prayer. The book consists of ten…

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October 1995
Articles > Cultural and Ethical

The custom and culture of praise

Contemporary evangelicalism is an infant phenomenon. It comes out of the charismatic renewal of the late sixties. It is scenic, proselytising, and in earnest. It believes the professing church’s ailment to be mild, basically caused by a number of bad attitudes. So it prescribes modest remedies -discovering positive feelings towards oneself, others and God.…

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